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About Thermocor

As the global leader in vacuum insulation technology, ThermoCor's mission is to provide unmatched value in energy efficiency through the integration of our product across a broad range of applications. With the current capacity to produce over two million VIPs annually, ThermoCor is one of the world's largest producers.


ThermoCor was founded in 1989 by Keith and Chris Meyer, a father and son team who had spent time working in a third-world country. After witnessing the devastating effect of spoiled life-saving medical supplies during inadequate transit, they committed to addressing cold chain supply issues, beginning in Southwest Ohio.

As a result, they developed the first active thermal system for cold chain supply utilizing power management, electronics, control systems, and eventually, full data logging capabilities. Other innovative technologies and products soon followed, enabled by ThermoCor's high performance vacuum insulation.

ThermoCor – part of CSafe Global – is now located on a 100,000 square foot campus in Dayton, Ohio, easily accessible from Interstate I-70 and I-75. We produce all of our product in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Thermocor's core values

The best products, the best people, and the best future are at the heart of our core values.

Thermocor's core values

Our Technology

As a pioneer in this technology, ThermoCor has also become a trusted industry resource and highly valued for our focus on a greener future. We are committed to earning the respect and trust of our customers, partners, and suppliers as we provide the greatest possible value for reduced energy consumption in our products.


ThermoCor is a recognized global leader in vacuum insulation technology. As a company, it is a premier technology pioneer and application innovator. For over 20 years, our team of experienced engineers has proven their ability to meet the challenges of maximized energy efficiency needs across a broad range of applications - from the world's stringent cold chain management shipping solution to home refrigeration appliances.

But ThermoCor's valued expertise lies in our simple inquiry to customers: What do you want to accomplish? ThermoCor applies the aforementioned experience to exceptional customer care and success, working to optimize the efficiency ratio and provide the greatest value for each customer-specific application. Difficult space requirements? Working to meet regulations or tight deadlines? We'll work with you, from initial stages through production. ThermoCor's unmatched responsiveness and technical assistance delivers customers the optimum solution and meets time critical deadlines.

As the global leader in vacuum insulation, ThermoCor not only works to meet application needs in terms of unique configuration and energy efficiency, but has an extraordinary capacity – virtually more than any global producer - to turn around massive product requirements.