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From home refrigeration to high-rise building applications, ThermoCor VIP technology is there to meet the challenge of maximized energy efficiency in an industry of varied temperature-controlled products. As an industry pioneer, the ThermoCor team has broad application experience and is continually looking to improve its VIP product and its application. With the focus on a greener future and solutions for reduced energy consumption, we are:

Plugged in: to Home Appliances

Based on a 2010 Department of Energy (DOE) analysis, home appliance manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates have agreed to new minimum energy efficiency standards that will reduce the nation's utility bills by billions of dollars. Vacuum insulation has been identified as a leading technology in this effort.

This includes reducing the energy used by home refrigerators and freezers by up to 35% over the next two years. As a technology pioneer, ThermoCor has already been working with several of the nation's leading manufacturers to meet these specifications and help produce qualified refrigeration units well ahead of schedule.

Additionally, when compared to systems using typical insulating materials like polyurethane or Styrofoam, ThermoCor offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs):

  • More usable space in an existing footprint
  • Far greater achievable hold times/high insulating values
  • Overall reduced cost of insulating system through high thermal efficiency of fossil fuels.

What's more, ThermoCor's U.S. manufactured panels build enough energy efficiency into appliances today to accommodate the emerging industries of the future, like solar- and wind-powered utilities, that will act to further reduce consumption of fossil fuels.

Building better: Construction

ThermoCor is already at work in specialty construction applications in place of its fiberglass and foam counterparts. With superior insulation R-Value – available as thin as a quarter inch – it packs an energy-efficient punch for its space requirement. With the durability and flexibility of ThermoCor VIP technology, construction contractors are equipped to:

  • Decrease material needs
  • Increase internal square footage
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Maximize energy efficiency for occupants – in both residential and commercial settings

The construction industry continues to look to ThermoCor for energy-efficient solutions and our team of experienced engineers is committed to working with customers from the design stage up, to evaluate needs and, ultimately, provide the greatest value for each application.

On the move: with Temperature-controlled Transportation

Whether delivering life-essential biomedical payloads at the right temperature or keeping food and drugs within FDA safety requirements, ThermoCor is designed to safely transport temperature-sensitive cargo, regardless of extreme or fluctuating ambient environments. ThermoCor is currently on the move in the transportation and shipping industries in applications including:

  • Refrigerated tractor trailers
  • Refrigerated railcars
  • Refrigerated cargo ships
  • Temperature-sensitive shipping containers

With ThermoCor technology, customers in these industries routinely benefit from reduced freight costs, spoilage costs and coolant requirements, maximizing overall efficiency.

Looking forward: as the Application Innovator

With regards to applications, the ThermoCor philosophy is simply: What do you want to accomplish?

We are an experienced team of technical problem solvers, committed not only to applying industry expertise that delivers solutions, but to exceptional customer care and trust as a valuable resource.

As you look to the future, look for ThermoCor home applications to include:

  • Home water heaters
  • Self-cleaning ovens

Or commercial refrigeration applications, like:

  • Vending machines
  • Reach-in displays
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Medical lab freezers

If you need a solution for improved energy efficiency in a temperature-controlled product, contact us. We're eager to meet the challenge.


Department of Energy standards and Energy Star requirements change frequently. Click on the links below for up-to-the-minute information on:

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