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Case Studies

Norcold inc.

Norcold, a leading manufacturer of refrigerators for recreational vehicles, required a larger volume refrigerator to maintain its competitive position in the market. While the need for internal volume was critical, the capacity for the cooling system was naturally limited and there was no room to increase the external footprint of the refrigerator.

Norcold was able to put ThermoCor VIP technology to work. With minimal space requirements and thermal resistance up to ten times that of other insulators, ThermoCor enabled Norcold to reduce the wall thickness of the refrigerators. They increased the internal volume of their refrigerators by 20% without impacting the external footprint and, ultimately, improved overall thermal performance.

CSafe Global

CSafe Global manufacturers AcuTemp® brand passive packaging and hand-held mobile carriers, the CSafe® brand of active containers, and is the exclusive manufacturer and provider of ThermoCor® vacuum insulation. The active solution product assortment includes the industry leading CSafe RKN, which utilizes heating and compressor-driven cooling technology to eliminate the risks associated with extreme ambient conditions as well as the cost, aggravation and environmental challenges associated with dry ice transportation. CSafe Global’s AcuTemp brand has provided temperature management solutions since its founding more than 25 years ago. The passive packaging assortment includes solutions for 2-8°C, CRT and frozen shipments with temperature hold times from 12 to 240 hours and payload volumes up to 50 liters.

Norcold C Safe