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Thermocor VIP Technology

ThermoCor high performance vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are engineered to exceed expectations. Flexible in their application and durable in nature, our products cover a broad range of applications, each designed to optimize thermal efficiency value.

Where does it begin?

ThermoCor is an advanced insulating system with an equivalent internal air pressure of approximately five percent that of normal air pressure. It incorporates features that significantly retard basic heat transfer mechanisms, like convection, radiation, and conduction through fluids and gases.

Thermocor Panel Cross Section

Where does it begin?

VIPs are formed by encasing a high–performing core material in a barrier envelope – highly impervious to air and water – drawing a vacuum, then tightly sealing the envelope so that it can be maintained for years. A desiccant material may be added to absorb any liquids or gases inside the envelope.

Why Thermocor delivers superior value?

In traditional insulation, convection, and liquid/gaseous conduction account for 60 to 70% of heat transfer. The vacuum process used to create ThermoCor panels virtually eliminates the mechanisms for this kind of heat transfer and significantly outperforms traditional insulating materials in doing so. With ThermoCor VIPs, it is possible to have a one–inch thick panel perform as well or better than 11 inches of residential foam insulation.

The materials and processes used by ThermoCor ensure customers receive a high thermal performance for an extended life, further elevating application value.


ThermoCor vacuum insulation products cover a broad range of applications. Each ThermoCor insulation product is flexible to suit unique situations and highly durable – including water and air resistance – to prolong the life and energy efficiency of the application. While ThermoCor VIPs are available in a variety of standard dimensions and thicknesses, they are typically built to unique specifications to ensure optimum performance – our team of engineers is available to customers to maximize the greatest value for your particular needs.

Look for ThermoCor VIPs in:

Advanced Testing and Validation

As the global leader in vacuum insulation technology, ThermoCor takes an active leadership role in the testing and validation of insulation performance. As part of our commitment to ensure customers receive exactly what they require, ThermoCor adheres to rigid test procedures, strictly defined protocols, and industry-guided equipment calibration for accuracy. ThermoCor products are designed to withstand the industries toughest "Accelerated Life Test" requirements delivering customers the most robust product in the market with guaranteed quality and performance.

Third–party Certifications and Procedures

All ThermoCor materials are tested in accordance with ASTM C518 – Standard Test Method for Steady–State Thermal Transmission by Means of Heat Flow Meter Apparatus. ThermoCor heat flow meters are routinely calibrated using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSIT) traceable instruments.

Production Testing

ThermoCor high performance insulation products are tested in production to ensure application–specific R–values are achieved. Production test equipment is calibrated using NIST traceable instruments and ASTM C518 test procedures.

Testing Services

Contact us about testing services with regards to the ThermoCor materials you use.

Thermocor R-value

Thermocor R-Value


All insulating materials are measured by their ability to reduce heat transfer. This thermal resistance is known as the R–Value and the higher the R–Value, the better the material performs.

ThermoCor panels offer an R–Value up to ten times greater than some commonly used forms of insulation, such as Styrofoam and six times greater than polyurethane. This chart provides a visual reference of ThermoCor's superiority, as compared to other insulation on a per inch thickness basis.

Because ThermoCor greatly reduces heat transfer compared to other materials, customers can build temperature management systems previously unachievable in commercial and industrial applications. Using ThermoCor vacuum insulation, customers routinely benefit from:

Additionally, ThermoCor customers can have the assurance that, in using our VIPs, they are contributing to building a greener future. While our products not only work to optimize energy efficiency and, in turn, conserve resources, they are comprised of nearly 100% recyclable materials. That's energy efficiency delivered!